Julie Lai is an illustrator born and raised in Hong Kong. She graduated from Falmouth University with a BA in Illustration, currently based in Bristol, UK.  

Her illustrations explore experiences through an emotive lens, utilising fluid lines and textures. Nature and organic forms are a constant source of inspiration. 

She also has a big love for Hong Kong styled lemon tea and the sea.  

Let’s work together!

julielai.illustration (at) gmail.com

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Square Prints Gen Two (2022), Musubi Hiro, Hong Kong 
Art and The Planet (2022) - Bristol, UK
Draw for Mental Health (2021) - LKF WeWork, Hong Kong
Light Grey Art Lab SENIOR SHOW (2020)
Falmouth University Showcase (2020)
The Simple Pleasures in Life (2020) Penryn, UK
Prelude: The Art of Resistance (2019) - ACO, Hong Kong
Lose Your Mind (2019) - Falmouth, UK
A Song A Zine (2018) dotdotdot Zine Launch 2018 - Liaotistic, Hong Kong