Julie Lai is a Hong Kong born, Leeds based illustrator. Her illustrations explore moments with fluid lines and organic shapes.  Inspired by nature, mindfulness and spirituality, she loves to embody the flow of nature and energy through her illustrations.

She also has a big love for Hong Kong styled lemon tea and the sea.  

Let’s work together!

julielai.illustration (at) gmail.com

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Tree’s That We’re Planting (2024) - Saan1,
Machester, UK
Affordable Art Fair (2023) - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Square Prints Gen Two (2022) - Musubi Hiro, Hong Kong 
Art and The Planet (2022) - Bristol, UK
Draw for Mental Health (2021) - LKF WeWork, Hong Kong
Light Grey Art Lab SENIOR SHOW (2020)
Falmouth University Showcase (2020)
The Simple Pleasures in Life (2020) Penryn, UK
Prelude: The Art of Resistance (2019) - ACO, Hong Kong
Lose Your Mind (2019) - Falmouth, UK
A Song A Zine (2018) dotdotdot Zine Launch 2018 - Liaotistic, Hong Kong